New Holland poultry/orchard tractors are the perfect tractor in poultry house applications. Paired with a Brown Bear windrower they provide the best performance with the coolest operation. We order most of ours equipped with a front pto so you can run your equipment in front and save you neck and back.These tractors are also great in orchard situations to keep yourself cool and still fit under the trees. Here is some more info on the T4050F poultry tractors.

Click here for more info on the Brown Bear poultry head

Poultry cabs are made using T4050F ROPS tractors and addinng a custom cab. The specs for the T4050F base tractor can be found here. T4050F brochure



These are images of the poultry cab vs. the factory T4050F low profile cab. The factory cab is listed at a height of 86 inches with with 380/70R20 tires. As you can see the poultry cab is significantly shorter.